Born in Heidelberg, Germany, on 9th October 1948, Jackson Browne started his career as a songwriter in the late sixties in the Los Angeles musical scene. His debut album "Jackson Browne" in 1972 (also known as "Saturate Before Using") was followed a year later by the warm and acoustic "For Everyman" in which Jackson established his long musical relationship with David Lindley. In 1974 Browne recorded the personal and deep "Late for the Sky", according to many fans, his best album.
After his wife Phyllis committed suicide, leaving him with his son Ethan, a disillusioned Jackson recorded "The Pretender" in 1976. In 1977 Jackson with a stellar band (the Section featuring Danny Kortchmar, Russell Kunkel, Lee Sklar and Craig Doerge together with Lindley, all of them rechristened The Mighty Jitters by Crosby & Nash) started a summer tour in the Usa, playing also new songs. During the tour many songs were composed and recorded everywhere, on their tour bus, in their motel rooms, backstage.. They were the material for the new album "Running on Empty" 1977, a multi platinum album which sold and keeps on selling millions copies all around the world. Considered one of the best album of the Seventies, Running on Empty sings the life of a musician on the road. During the Australian dates of the tour, he met the young model Lynne Sweeney who became in 1981 his second wife and the mother of his second child, Ryan.

In 1980 "Hold Out" was number one in the American charts but received not many favourable critics from the press, still remaining one of his most underestimated album. With some members of the Section, and after Lindley left him for a solo career, Jackson started a long European tour in 1982, also joining the memorable "Montreux Jazz Festival" and promoting a new single "Somebody’s Baby", co-written with Kortchmar.

In 1983, "Lawyers in Love" showed the new course in Browne’s life: his political consciousness and his concern for the American politics in Central America. "Lives in the Balance" 1986 and "World in Motion" 1989 are rock albums, married with a heavy use of synths and politically oriented lyrics. 

After his divorce from Lynne, Browne engaged a long and troubled relationship with actress Daryl Hannah, who eventually left him for John John Kennedy. Every song on "I’m Alive" 1993 is a chapter of his disappointment and sorrow after the betrayal of Daryl. It is his first acoustic album after a decade and it received a tremendous response from his fans.

"Looking East" 1996 and the recent "The Naked Ride Home" 2002 are "band" albums, composed and arranged together with his studio and tour band.

The Naked Ride Home 2002


Jackson Browne’s discography

1972 – Jackson Browne

1973 – For Everyman

1974 – Late for the Sky

1976 – The Pretender

1977 – Running on Empty

1980 – Hold Out

1982 – Somebody’s baby/The Crow on the Cradle (single)

1983 – Lawyers in Love

1986 – Lives in the Balance

1989 – World in Motion

1993 – I’m Alive

1996 – Looking East

1997 – Next Voice You Hear

(greatest hits)

2002 – The Naked Ride Home

2004 -  The Very Best of Jackson Browne


The incredible Jackson Browne’s unofficial site by Russ Paris is at: http://www.jrp-graphics.com/jackson_browne.html

The official Jackson’s site is at www.jacksonbrowne.com