Jessi Colter - Jessi
    1. Hand That Rocks the Cradle (Colter)
    2. One Woman Man (Colter)
    3. It's Morning (Colter)
    4. Rounder (Colter)
    5. Here I Am (Colter)
    6. Without You (Colter)
    7. Darlin' It's Yours (Colter)
    8. Would You Walk with Me (Colter)
    9. All My Life, I've Been Your Lady (Colter)
    10. I See Your Face (Colter)


    Waylon Jennings: Guitar, Vocals
    Larry Murray: Dulcimer
    Jessi Colter: Keyboards, Vocals
    Ritchie Albright: Drums
    Duke Goff: Bass
    James Gordon: Horn
    Sherman Hayes: Bass
    Richard Hyde: Trombone
    Mackinley Johnson: Trumpet
    Ralph Mooney: Guitar (Steel)
    Larry Muhoberac: Piano
    Randy Scruggs: Banjo, Guitar
    Reggie Young: Guitar

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words