Leo Kottke - Balance
    1. Tell Mary (Leo Kottke)
    2. I Don't Know Why (Leo Kottke)
    3. Embryonic Journey (Jorma Kaukonen)
    4. Disguise (Leo Kottke)
    5. Whine (Leo Kottke)
    6. Losing Everything (Leo Kottke)
    7. Drowning (Leo Kottke)
    8. Dolores (Leo Kottke)
    9. 1/2 Acre of Garlic (Leo Kottke)
    10. Learning the Game (Leo Kottke)


    Leo Kottke: Electric Guitar, Twelve-string guitar, Vocals
    Kenneth A. Buttrey: Drums, Producer
    John Harris: Piano
    Mike Leech: Bass
    Bobby Ogdin: Piano

    Production Credits:

    Marty Lewis: Engineer
    Connie Potter: Engineer
    Paul Ray: Engineer
    Mike Reese: Engineer
    Jimmy Fitzpatrick: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words