John Lennon - The John Lennon Collection
    1. Give Peace a Chance (Lennon/McCartney)
    2. Instant Karma! (Lennon)
    3. Power to the People (Lennon)
    4. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night (Lennon)
    5. #9 Dream (Lennon)
    6. Mind Games (Lennon)
    7. Love (Lennon)
    8. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) (Lennon/Ono)
    9. Imagine (Lennon)
    10. Jealous Guy (Lennon)
    11. Stand by Me (King/Leiber/Stoller)
    12. (Just Like) Starting Over (Lennon)
    13. Woman (Lennon)
    14. I'm Losing You (Lennon)
    15. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Lennon)
    16. Watching the Wheels (Lennon)
    17. Dear Yoko (Lennon)
    18. Move over Ms. L (Lennon)
    19. Cold Turkey (Lennon)


    John Lennon: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
    Yoko Ono: Vocals, Wind

    And many others according to the origin of the song.

    Production Credits:

    John Lennon: Producer
    Yoko Ono: Producer
    Phil Spector: Producer
    Jack Douglas: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words