k.d. Lang and the Reclines - Absolute Torch and Twang
    1. Luck In My Eyes (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 4:10
    2. Three Days (Willie Nelson, Faron Young) - 3:17
    3. Trail Of Broken Hearts (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 3:24
    4. Big Boned Gal (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 3:08
    5. Didn't I (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 3:39
    6. Walflower Waltz (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 4:22
    7. Full Moon Full Of Love (Jeannie Smith, Leroy Preston ) - 2:49
    8. Pullin' Back The Reins (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 4:23
    9. Big Big Love (Wynn Stewart) - 2:29
    10. It's Me (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 2:20
    11. Walkin' In And Out Of Your Arms (k.d. Lang,  Ben Mink) - 3:03
    12. Nowhere To Stand (k.d. Lang) - 4:27


    Ed Thigpen: Drums
    Graham Boyle: Percussion, Tambourine, Claves, Spoons
    Michael Creber: Piano
    John Dymond: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    The Five Blind Boys of Alabama: Vocals (bckgr), Voices
    k.d. Lang: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Greg Leisz: Guitar (Steel), Slide Guitar
    Gordie Matthews: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Ben Mink: Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Mandolin, Strings, Violin, Guitar (Electric), Mandola, Bowed Bass
    David Piltch: Fretless Bass, Bowed Bass
    Michel Pouliot: Drums

    Production Credits:

    k.d. Lang: Producer
    Ben Mink: Producer
    Greg Penny: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words