Bell & Shore - Little Movies
    1. Pretty Plains Girl
    2. Much Too Young to Die
    3. Outlaw Sam Bass, The
    4. Mexican Eyes
    5. Honorary Texan
    6. Barely 20 Proof
    7. Everytime I'm Crying
    8. Interstellar Cattle Call
    9. Billy Joe Mexico
    10. Gulf Coast Blues
    11. He's Been Drunk Ever Since His Wife Turned Punk
    12. Reno's Gone


    Nathan Bell: vocals, guitars, National steel guitar on "Gulf Coast Blues," harmonic
    Susan Shore: vocals, mandolin
    With the Honky Tonk Dogs:
    Al Murphy: fiddle, canine chorus
    Dave McAnelly: dobro, canine chorus
    Dan "DB" Brown: electric bass, canine chorus
    Victor Sanders: spaceship
    Katie Detlie: canine chorus
    Kim Van Eck: canine chorus

    Production Credits:

    Nathan Bell: Producer
    Susan Shore: Producer
    Victor Sanders: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words