k.d. lang - Shadowland
    1. Western Stars (C. Isaak) - 3:12
    2. Lock, Stock And Teardrops (Roger Miller) - 3:28
    3. Sugar Moon (Bob Wills, Cindy Walker ) - 2:26
    4. I Wish I Didn't Love You So (Frank Loesser) - 3:07
    5. (Waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor (Don Goodman, Sara Johns, Jack Rowland)  - 2:35
    6. Black Coffee (Sonny Burke, Paul Francis Webster) - 3:17
    7. Shadowland (Hyman/Chareles Tobias) - 2:28
    8. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Slim Wallet) - 2:20
    9. Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them (Fred Tobias, Charles Tobias) - 3:03
    10. I'm Down To My Last Cigarette (Harlan Howardm, Billy Walker) - 2:46
    11. Busy Being Blue (Stewart MacDougall) - 3:40
    12. Honky Tonk Angel's Medley:

    13. In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) (L. Carr, D. Raye)
      You Nearly Lose Your Mind (E. Tubb)
      Blues Stay Away From Me (A. Delmore, R. Delmore, W. Raney, H. Glover)


    Buddy Emmons: Guitar (Steel)
    Loretta Lynn: Vocals
    Buddy Spicher: Fiddle
    Kitty Wells: Vocals
    The Jordanaires: Vocals
    David Angell: Violin
    George Binkley III: Violin
    John Borg: Viola
    Harold Bradley: Banjo, Guitar (Bass), Ukulele, Gut String Guitar
    Jimmy Capps: Guitar (Rhythm)
    Roy Christensen: Cello
    Doug Clements: Vocals, Voices
    Connie Ellisor: Violin
    James Ferguson: Voices
    Carl Gorodetzky: Violin
    Rob Hajacos: Fiddle
    Buddy Harman: Drums
    Jim Horn: Saxophone
    Anthony LaMarchina: Cello
    k.d. lang: Vocals
    Lee Larrison: Violin
    Brenda Lee: Vocals
    Ted Madsen: Violin
    Bob Mason: Cello
    Neal Matthews: Vocals, Voices
    Bill McElhiney: Arranger
    Dennis Molchan: Violin
    Roger Morris: Piano
    Louis Dean Nunley: Vocals, Voices
    Hargus "Pig" Robbins: Piano
    Harold Rugg: Guitar (Steel)
    Pamela Sixfin: Violin
    Gordon Stoker: Vocals, Voices
    Henry Strzelecki: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Gary VanOsdale: Viola
    Pete Wade: Guitar (Electric)
    Duane West: Vocals, Voices
    Hurshel Wiginton: Vocals, Voices
    Jim Ferguson: Vocals
    Hal Rugg: Guitar (Steel)
    Tony Migliore: Piano, Accordion

    Production Credits:

    Bobby Bradley: Engineer
    Owen Bradley: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words