Cindy Lee Berryhill - Who's Gonna Save The World

Recorded at Avitar Studios, Malibu, California.
Label: Rhino Records 70834
Release: 04/25/89
Formats: LP
Other: Studio / Stereo


    All songs written by Cindy Lee Berryhill
    1. She Had Everything (3:41)
    2. Damn, Wish I Was A Man (3:07)
    3. Steve On H (6:33)
    4. Looking Through Portholes (3:08)
    5. Whatever Works (5:47)
    6. Who's Gonna Save The World (5:47)
    7. Spe-c-i-al Ingredient (3:20)
    8. Ceallaigh Green (3:50)
    9. Ballad Of A Garage Band (4:02)
    10. This Administration (3:04)
    11. Heat (6:14)



    Cindy Lee Berryhill: guitar, vocals, harmonica
    "Waygone" Rex Wilson: acoustic bass, vocals
    Irene Liberatore: drums, vocals
    Rick Saxton: harmonica, vocals
    Tracy Robar: electric guitar
    Kevin Clarke :electric guitar
    Ramsey Embick: piano
    Steve Kujala: recorder, saxophone, keyboards, percussion

    Production Credits:

    Saul Raye: Producer
    Steve Kujala: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words