Cindy Lee Berryhill - Naked Movie Star

Recorded at Sound On Sound, New York.
Label: Rhino Records 70845
Release: 04/25/89 (Original 1989)
Formats: LP
Other: Studio / Stereo 49 minutes


    All songs written by Cindy Lee Berryhill
    1. Me, Steve, Kirk And Keith (4:02)
    2. Old Trombone Routine (5:08)
    3. Supernatural Fact (3:38)
    4. Indirectly Yours (3:22)
    5. Trump (2:45)
    6. 12 Dollar Motel (4:26)
    7. Turn Off The Century (4:31)
    8. What's Wrong With Me (3:25)
    9. Yipee (13:33)
    10. Baby (Should I Have The Baby?) (4:34)



    Cindy Lee Berryhill:  guitar, vocals, harmonica
    Jones Beach: guitar
    Bob Lenox: organ, piano
    Paul Dugan: acoustic bass
    Debbie "Fluffy" Spinelli: Drums
    Charli Persip: drums
    Kweyao Agyapon: percussion
    Kirk Kelly: background vocals
    Roger Manning: background vocals
    Lach: background vocals

    Production Credits:

    Knut Bohn: Producer
    Lenny Kaye: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words