Heidi Berry - Heidi Berry
    1. Little Fox (Berry)
    2. Moon and the Sun (Berry)
    3. One-String Violin (Berry)
    4. Darling Companion (Berry)
    5. Distant Thunder (Berry)
    6. Heart Like a Wheel (McGarrigle)
    7. For the Rose (Berry/OKeefe)
    8. Follow (Berry)
    9. Ariel (Berry/OKeefe)
    10. Dawn (Berry)


    Heidi Berry: Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
    B.J. Cole: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Preston Heyman: Percussion
    Nick Ingham: Conductor
    Caroline LaVelle: Cello
    Laurence O'Keefe: Bass
    Sonia Slany: Violin
    Gavyn Wright: Leader
    Danny Thompson: Double Bass
    Jon Brookes: Drums
    Peter Astor: Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm)
    Christopher Berry: Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Electric),Keyboards, Guitar (12 String),
                                  Arrangements, Piano Arrangement
    Robert Lord: Synthesizer, Celeste, Organ (Hammond), Piano (Electric), Mellotron
    Terry Bickers: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Julian Swales: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)

    Production Credits:

    Hugh Jones: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Helen Woodward: Mixing
    Chris Bigg: Art Direction, Design
    Kevin Westenberg: Photography
    Vaughan Oliver: Art Direction, Design
    Simon Larbalestier: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words