Lou Ann Barton - Forbidden Tones

Recorded at: Magnolia Sound, Los Angeles, CA and Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA

    1. Tear Me Apart
    2. Speechless
    3. Camero Girls
    4. Every Little Thing
    5. Pink Bedroom
    6. Quittin Time
    7. One Good Reason
    8. Tears in the Night



    Lou Ann Barton: Vocals
    Bucky Ballard: Vocals
    David Grissom: Guitar
    Larry Hirsch: Engineer
    Larry Knechtel: Keyboards
    David Mansfield: Guitar
    Jerry Marotta: Drums
    David Miner: Bass, Keyboards
    Dean Parks: Guitar
    Jimmie Vaughan: Guitar
    Larry Williams: Keyboards
    Richie Zito: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Lou Ann Barton: Producer, Mixing
    David Miner: Production Assistant and Musical Arranger
    Larry Hirsch: Engineer
    Larry Wallace: Final Mix:
    Derek O'Brien: Mixing
    Paul Ray: Mixing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words