The Band - Across the Great Divide
    1. Tears of Rage (Dylan/Manuel)
    2. Weight (Robertson)
    3. I Shall Be Released (Dylan)
    4. Chest Fever (Robertson)
    5. In a Station (Manuel)
    6. To Kingdom Come (Robertson)
    7. Lonesome Suzie (Manuel)
    8. Rag Mama Rag (Robertson)
    9. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Robertson)
    10. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Robertson)
    11. Rockin' Chair (Robertson)
    12. Whispering Pines (Manuel/Robertson)
    13. Up on Cripple Creek (Robertson)
    14. Across the Great Divide (Robertson)
    15. Unfaithful Servant (Robertson)
    16. Shape I'm In (Robertson)
    17. Daniel and the Sacred Harp (Robertson)
    18. All la Glory (Robertson)
    19. Stage Fright (Robertson)
    20. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan)
    21. Moon Struck One (Robertson)
    22. Life Is a Carnival (Danko/Helm/Robertson)
    23. River Hymn (Robertson)
    24. Don't Do It (Dozier/Holland/Holland)
    25. Caldonia Mission (Robertson)
    26. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (Robertson)
    27. Get up Jake (Robertson)
    28. This Wheel's on Fire (Danko/Dylan)
    29. Share Your Love with Me (Braggs/Malone)
    30. Mystery Train (Parker/Phillips)
    31. Acadian Driftwood (Robertson)
    32. Ophelia (Robertson)
    33. It Makes No Difference (Robertson)
    34. Livin' in a Dream (Robertson)
    35. Saga of Pepote Rouge (Robertson)
    36. Right as Rain (Robertson)
    37. Who Do You Love? (Diddley)
    38. Do the Honky Tonk (Robey)
    39. He Don't Love You (Robertson)
    40. Katie's Been Gone (Manuel/Robertson)
    41. Bessie Smith (Danko/Robertson)
    42. Orange Juice Blues (Blues for... (Manuel)
    43. Ain't No Cane on the Brazos (Traditional)
    44. Slippin' and Slidin' (Little Richard)
    45. Twilight (Robertson)
    46. Back to Memphis (Berry)
    47. Too Wet to Work (Hudson)
    48. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Hunter/Wonder)
    49. Don't Ya Tell Henry (Dylan)
    50. Endless Highway (Robertson)
    51. She Knows (Griffin/Royer)
    52. Evangeline (Robertson)
    53. Out of the Blue (Robertson)
    54. Weight (Robertson)
    55. Last Waltz Refrain (Robertson)
    56. Theme from the Last Waltz (Robertson)


    Emmylou Harris: Vocals
    Ronnie Hawkins: Vocals
    Robbie Robertson: Guitar, Vocals
    Rick Danko: Vocals, Bass
    Pops Staples: Vocals
    Levon Helm: Vocals, Drums
    Garth Hudson: Keyboards, Vocals
    Richard Manuel: Vocals, Piano, Drums
    Larry Packer: Violin, Viola
    Mavis Staples: Vocals
    Frank Luther: Bass
    Jason Myles: Synthesizer, Harp
    Jerry Penfound

    Production Credits:

    The Band: Producer
    John Simon: Producer
    Chet Flippo: Liner Notes
    Phil Sandhaus: Producer
    Wayne Watkins: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words