Cindy Lee Berryhill - Straight Outta Marysville

Recorded at Big Fish, Encinitas, California.
Label: Earth Music 84503 (Cargo Records), Demon (Europe)
Release: 03/19/96 (Original 1996)
Formats: CD
Other: Studio / Stereo 57 minutes


    All songs written by Cindy Lee Berryhill
    1. High Jump
    2. Unknown Master Painter
    3. Diane
    4. Season of the Witch
    5. Riddle Riddle
    6. Jane And John
    7. The Virtues Of Being Apricot
    8. Unwritten Love Song
    9. Just Like Me
    10. Talkin' With A Mineral
    11. I'm A Tumbleweed
    12. Caravan
    13. Elvis Of Marysville
    14. California



    Cindy Lee Berryhill: Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Christopher Davies: Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Bass)
    Randy Hoffman: Drums, Vibraphone, Vocals, Tympani [Timpani], Organ (Pump), Metallophone
    Renata Bratt: Cello

    Production Credits:

    Cindy Lee Berryhill: Producer, Mixing
    Henry Diltz: Photography
    Bernie Grundman: Mastering
    Mike Harris: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Brent Stickels: Artwork
    William Berryhill: Photography
    Debra Ruzinsky: Artwork

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words