Dan Bern - Dan Bern
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Go To Sleep
    3. Wasteland
    4. Marilyn
    5. King Of The World
    6. Too Late To Die Young
    7. Rome
    8. I'm Not The Guy
    9. Never Fall In Love
    10. Estelle
    11. Queen



    Dan Bern: Organ, Guitar, Harmonica, Cello, Vocals
    Jennifer Condos: Bass
    Chuck Plotkin: Percussion, Handclapping
    Marshall Thompson: Keyboards
    Gary Mallaber: Drums
    Josh Zawaduk: Organ, Accordion, Sound Effects, Vocals
    Dean Restum: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Dan Bern: Art Direction, Illustrations, Paintings
    Mouse Johnson: Engineer
    Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
    Chuck Plotkin: Producer
    Micajah Ryan: Engineer
    Toby Scott: Mixing
    Mick Haggerty: Art Direction, Photography
    Dean Restum: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words