Kevin Connolly - Little Town
    1. Take Me To The Sea
    2. Marshvegas
    3. Temporary Love
    4. Walk, Laugh, Cry
    5. Yellow Lines
    6. Rexicana Ballroom
    7. Icicle Rain
    8. Dancing In The Kitchen
    9. Didn't Mean
    10. Arms Of Indifference
    11. Lucy Falls In Love
    12. She Was Mine One
    13. Time
    14. Little Town


    Kevin Connolly: Vocals, acoustic guitar
    Chris Rival: electric guitar, slide guitar
    Milt Reder: electric guitar
    Brother Cleve: accordion
    Dana Colley: baritone & tenor saxophones
    Tom West: Hammond organ, piano
    Tom Sheppard: electric & acoustic basses
    Tim Jackson: drums
    Frank Corby: drums
    Ducky Carlisle: percussion
    Martin Sexton: background vocals

    Production Credits:

    Ducky Carlisle: Producer, Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words