Out of Mind, out of Sight - Kris Kristofferson, Bruton

    Buddy tip your bottle back and climb aboard the bus
    Join your brothers in the band
    If you ain't bombed in Birmingham then you ain't one of us
    We don't really give a damn

    London is a hundred miles awaitin' where we're at
    And a thousand years behind
    Splitting from a sorry gig that left us feelin' flat
    Out of sight 'n' out of mind

    Cruisin' through the countryside we'll never see again
    Ain't it lonesome out tonight?
    We've been on this road now since I can't remember when
    Out of mind 'n' out of sight


    Yeah, I been ev'rywhere and I seen ev'rything there is
    But I never saw the light
    Scared to death of dyin' so I do my best to live
    Out of mind and out of sight

    Knowin' no one nowhere 's gonna miss us when we're gone
    Let's keep drinkin' 'till we're blind
    Ev'rybody's sleepin' and I'm stuck inside a song
    Outta sight 'n' outta line

    Someday when it's over and it's time to settle down
    And we've left it all behind
    We can sit and wonder how we ever got around
    Out of sight 'n' out of mind
    Out of sight 'n' out of mind

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words